I decided that to try one out, I would get a very inexpensive one on eBay first, because I wanted to see how they work and if I could stand to use one at all. I got a 50s model Stratton a UK brand on eBay. Stratton made compacts for decades, starting around the s on up to around the s. In this blog post , there is some handy information on how to date a vintage Stratton. It appears mine was made in the s. So, the self-opening inner lid version of these compacts were made from onward.

How to date your vintage Stratton powder compact.

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Dating Stratton Powder Compacts Stratton Compacts happen to be some of the easiest of compacts to find – for use or for collecting – I myself have eight of them shown above. As a brand, Stratton began importing and assembling partially finished American compacts in , yet by the ‘s they were a brand in their own right ultimately producing half of the compacts made for the UK market.

With over 70 years of manufacturing, they made countless designs – both with regards to the top and the bottom of the compacts, therefore they aren’t the easiest of compact brands to date. Through my own personal collecting and researching, I’ve found a couple of tips and links about how to date your Stratton compact. I know a couple of you how have commented previously on my compact posts, own them so hopefully you’ll find it helpful in gauging just how vintage your compacts are.

Dani Boyd – a member of the British Compact Society produced a Youtube video in showing how you can date your Stratton’s by the design upon the bottom of the compact. It’s a really handy guide to visually being able to date your compact and you’ll be surprised that many aren’t as old as you might think. How much of a lap over or definitive this list is, I’m unsure, but it’s certainly a basic reference point to dating your Stratton.

But rough overviews are always a helpful guide to knowing where to start and what your looking at – whether for collections or use.

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The original puff and sifter were completely useless, but luckily I could find a replacement brand new and use my own favorite translucent powder. The beautiful compacts were made in Birmingham, and were sold in London. In the s, they were producing half the compacts in the UK impressive, right? Unfortunately, during World War II to be exact , Stratton faced a setback after losing four of its five factories to enemy bombs.

At that time, they began to focus on supplies for the war, which helped them survive post war. By , Stratton had developed and patented a self-opening lid for their compacts, which is common in their compacts forward. This is important when dating your compact. If your compact has a self-opening inner lid then was definitely made after If the compact uses cream powder then it was made after Lastly, if you find your compact has the “Compact in Hand” logo on the inner lid, then it was definitely made between and

Stratton Vintage Powder Compact 1948 Unusual Playing Card Motif

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June see below Following on from part 1 of this blog entry, I am going to look at a few smaller issues which can have a big impact when you are buying antiques and vintage, using all our senses to detect little details that are right in front of us. Whether you are buying for yourself, for someone’s birthday or to sell on, it spoils things if you get home and find something chipped or a part missing. It may seem obvious to look at something but this is where we often fall down So take the time to get your specs on and make a detailed observation!

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How to use a vintage Stratton powder compact – how to refill with powder

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